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Finite Element Method with SOLIDWORKS Simulation presents a clear, easy-to-understand manner on the theory of finite element method and the use of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. The book contains twelve chapters describing the finite element method for solving structural mechanics, heat transfer and fluid flow problems. In each chapter, the governing differential equations, finite element formulation, academic example and practical problem are explained and analyzed. For the structural mechanics problems, analyses using the truss, beam, plane stress, plate bending, and 3D solid elements are presented. Structural vibration, buckling, fatigue and life prediction analyses are also included. Conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer together with thermal stress analyses are described. Low-speed incompressible and high-speed compressible flow problems are also analyzed. The book shows how to use SOLIDWORKS Simulation software to solve these problems, step-by-step, so that readers can follow and understand them easily. Features: • This text book is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical, aeronautical, civil and chemical engineering as well as researchers • Presentation is in an easy-to-understand style by using simple words and equations with a large number of figures • Finite element formulation for structural mechanics, heat transfer and fluid flows are explained • Step-by-step guides on how to employ SOLIDWORKS Simulation for analyzing these problems are presented by using academic and application examples • Files of application examples are provided by the book website that can be downloaded for self-practice


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