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COMSOL is one of the most popular finite element software being used by designers and engineers all over the world. The software can analyze different types of engineering problems effectively. Together with the software GUI, the software is very easy to use especially for beginners. The book “Finite Element Analysis with COMSOL” demonstrates the use of COMSOL software for analyzing the solid mechanics, heat transfer and fluid flow problems. The book includes 13 chapters that explain the governing differential equations and the related equations of the mentioned problems. The corresponding finite element equations are derived for selected element types. In each chapter, an academic example that has analytical solution normally employed in university classes is presented. The example is analyzed by the COMSOL software for which the procedure is explained in details. An application problem is also included at the end of each chapter to highlight the software capability. The book is essential to designers and engineers who want to learn COMSOL with a good background of the finite element method.


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