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I realized that there were still many more things that may be of interest to people who want to know more about Thailand, especially Thai ways of life that are mostly based on religious and superstitious beliefs. Even though this type of work has been done by many other writers, most of them are foreigners who look from the outside. People who are acquainted with the Kingdom of Thailand may not see things in the country in a special way. They may just perceive them as ordinary matters. But, if we take a closer look, we will realize that some significance is hidden. For example, in Thailand, spitting in the water is considered inappropriate as it is the sanctuary of water Goddess. Each year a large number of foreigners visit Thailand because this magnificent country has many interesting things to offer. Apart from its natural beauty and friendly people, Thai cultural heritage and the Buddhist practices are very important to know, especially, for foreign visitors who plan a long-term stay in the kingdom. Although superstitious beliefs are common in this part of the world, in Thailand there is quite an extraordinary connection with ghosts and the invisible powers everywhere. Since Thailand is one of the ancient countries, stories originated from here cannot be studied in just a short period of time. For over six decades, I have seen and experienced many things that, I am sure, can make people outside the country wonder and be curious enough to look for further details. In this book, I include a variety of stories, possibly even unknown to most urban Thai millennials, from tiny insects like Ma Laeng Chang, or ladybug, to Pla Kra Ho, the fresh water Siamese giant carp found in the Tha Chin River.


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