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The Right Approach to Dhamma ❖ สิ่งที่เรายังสนใจกันน้อยไป … What I am going to say within a short time is the result of my observations over the last 30 years, and I feel that it is the most important aspect of our great efforts, particularly when our world wide activities have reached this stage. Yet we have not paid enough attention to this most important endeavor. Firstly, in the modern Buddhist world there are many Buddhist societies dedicated to propagating Buddha Dhamma. However, they are more interested in the method of propagation than in the actual teaching istelf-which is the heart and core of Buddhism. Nor have they paid enough attention to the practice of that Dhamma. People are preoccupied with ceremony and ritual. This kind of Buddhism, I am afraid, will result in: 1. Less people truly and directly understanding Dhamma through their own efforts and practice. In such a case there will be no one working toward the essence of Dhamma, but pursuing secondary interests instead. Hence, the real meaning of the WFB will become more limited and consequently unable to fulfill the goals to which it should aspire. 2. True Buddhists interested in the practice of Dhamma, will pay less attention and respect to the WFB. Or perhaps they will lose confidence in it. If such is the case, the WFB will find it difficult to carry on or expand its activities according to its proposed objectives. Its work will be confined to routine tasks and social affairs. Buddhists will necessarily be accused of fun-making, and sight-seeing on international missions. If this is true, most members and committee members will be engaged in their own enjoyment at someone else’s expense. Under these circumstances, our organization must perish. Please, therefore, pay particular attention to the true goals a Buddhist should have in mind. We must be wary of a devious approach to Dhamma, and try to improve and re-direct ourselves to the work at hand. What we need to do is create interest in what is known as the heart of Buddhism; that is, working directly toward the elimination of each individual’s defilements. We must work towards extinguishing the suffering of mankind. Once interest has been stimulated people will investigate, consider and seek to understand the essence of Buddhism. Preaching morality for the benefit of society and the state, or interest in Buddhism as a philosophy, or a source of literary enjoyment is less meaningful than self-practice and individual endeavor. …



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