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Thai Snacks is one of Thai Easy Cooking Series, which offers you a wide range of Thai famous snack recipes to suit your taste. Fried, grilled or steamed, these relishing Thai snacks are flavorful and easy to make. You will also find a whole range of snacks sauce recipes here, complete with step by step preparations that are easy to follow. Sample Recipes: Curried fish cake, Thai-style spring rolls, Sesame prawn spread on crispy bread ,Grilled pork satay with peanut sauce, Golden prawn patties ,Golden pouch, Pork spread on crispy bread ,Crab croquette, Savory herbs with sweet fish sauce, Crunchy pork filling in egg nest, Prawns in blanket , Three flavored crispy rice vermicelli, Pork ball in a nest, Aromatic chicken in pandanus packet, Egg logs with colorful filling, Deep-fried rice rolls, Crispy rice crackers with savory prawn dip, Golden cups with tuna filling, Tapioca pearl balls with pork filling.


ISBN : 978-616-701-651-1

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ภาษา : Thai


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