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Preface 100 years ago, there was the devil. His name is Malta, He is a dark magic to drink blood and eat human meat also animals. The story will start in a small village far away from a big town and up to country style. There isn't any technology or facilities to get a very easy-going lifestyle, just pure naturals. The villagers were simple people, living off the land and relying on each other for survival. They were a tight-knit community and didn't appreciate outsiders much. But when strange things started happening in the village, they knew that something evil had come their way. It all started with the disappearance of some of their livestock. Cows and pigs were found slaughtered in the fields, with their blood drained and their flesh ripped apart. The villagers were puzzled by the mysterious deaths, but they soon got their answer when they found the tracks of a beast leading into the nearby woods. At first, the villagers believed it to be a wild animal that had wandered into their village. But as time passed, more and more animals were being slaughtered and eventually, people started disappearing too. The villagers were frightened and didn't know what to do. One day, a stranger came to their village. He carried an old, rusty sword on his waist and wore a cape that covered most of his face. He claimed to be a vampire hunter and told the villagers that the creature responsible for the deaths was not an ordinary animal, but a demon - the devil himself. The villagers were skeptical at first, but the stranger soon proved his worth when he showed them his collection of severed vampire heads. He told them that the creature responsible for the deaths was none other than Malta, the devil who had been terrorizing the lands for centuries Regarding this village. They have a big hill and almost all the people who support each other. The smaller villages just have enough food to grow and a big landscape to raise animal farms and take sources of protein from the farms like cows, sheep, chickens, and fish. The canal and the river are very important for those areas that support the agriculture activity of this village very well. But on the lifestyles, all the people do not realize they are going to have a big deal with some things that you can't see and invisible that the dark magic he is come over and stay with them also try to control that village for more than hundred years ago until now. He never goes anyway. The devil he still there to waiting for everyone go to visit that village and sometimes maybe Malta will say hello to you already, but you didn't know that or maybe you have been talked to a big devil Malta or his devil's minions’ event all the devil big and small there are still there and live with someone house more than a hundred years I can tell they still stay there forever. Time passes so quickly, and the town grows so fast including population growth and has moved around a lot and with houses and new roads some house numbers from 20 of House member extension to 200 houses, and more people move in that village for some reason. All people are going to stay around that village because in big town so experience living cost the village goes so big and now the present for more new technology come up and something will be changed directly to new lifestyle, they are do more electricity, water supply and telephone, but you didn't know who a big devil Malta is. From 100 years ago until now the big devil he stays with generation to generation and also have a big problem with someone there who will stay in that house and nearby, almost people knew something went wrong but they are now realize that what happen to them, Malta will take any life after life one by one just only you to know that you will see when time coming up that your turn. Many people in the village have tried to get rid of Malta, but he is incredibly powerful and has been able to fend off all attempts. People are afraid to talk about him openly, and some even believe that he has the ability to hear everything they say. Many villagers have reported strange occurrences in the middle of the night, such as windows opening and closing on their own, and doors slamming shut. Despite the fear that Malta instills in everyone, life in the village goes on. People continue to raise their animals and grow their crops, and they try to live their lives as normally as possible. However, there is always a sense of unease in the air, as everyone knows that the devil is still among them. There are some, however, who refuse to live in fear. They are determined to find a way to rid the village of Malta once and for all. There are whispers of a secret ritual that can be performed to banish the devil, but no one knows exactly what it entails, and it is risky to attempt it without knowing for sure. For now, the villagers continue to live their lives, always watching their backs and hoping that they will never have a run-in with Malta. Though they try to ignore the fear that is always present, they know deep down that they will never truly be free until the devil is gone for good.


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