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• This Buttercream Cookbook: For Beginners Made Easy Step by Step. • Contains a variety of traditional Buttercream recipes. • Each recipe has a simple step that can be easily followed. • You will find Buttercream cooking interesting and happy. • Your hands will make a deep impression on your family and friends. • Buttercream, also referred to as butter topping or frosting, works extremely well for either filling, coating or creating cakes. The principal ingredients are butter and a lot of type of sugar. Buttercream is obviously commonly flavored with vanilla. Other common flavors are chocolate, fruits, and further water extracts. • Buttercream is a basic made simply by creaming together butter and powdered sugar to the required consistency and lightness. Some or almost all the butter may get replaced with margarine, or shortening. A small quantity of milk or cream is place into change the texture.


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