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In this world, there are only a few types of science that cannot be taught or learned via regular practicing steps like 1, 2, 3, 4… and so on, similar to some things that have no conclusion on cause and effect at the same time. However, it is certain that things are existed for their own reasons and we need to understand the existence of those things in order to ensure our relevant conclusions. Obviously, this book is not written to promote any ‘how-to’ tips and I believe it is unable to benefit the society at large. However, as a masterpiece of art expected to be achieved by its inner marketing strategy, it is inevitable to add a bit of such contents in some parts to serve as guidelines for those who have keen interests in creative learning. Nevertheless, such explanation is not the essence of this book. The real essence is to focus on the readers’ ideas, after finishing this book, to be drifting gradually and unconsciously into the unexplainable state of mind, with no way of knowing what they are actually learning! I dare to confirm that what you have learned from this book doesn’t concern much about art techniques. If you can truly understand my delivering ‘messages’, you will certainly gain greater knowledge and benefits more than the art alone can offer. Apparently, this is not a pocket book written to serve a short reading preference, but it is more of a key to the new cognitive dimension. It is not surprised if you will read it over and over again in order to find an everlastingly true reason. It is a great big shame if someone will argue that this is a book published only to promote a religious cult. It must be very sorrowful if somebody will complain about the lack of quality to be a good art book. Most of all, it is miserable to know that those people cannot even finish reading this book and never try to foster a clear understanding on each and every content. I never say this is the best art book as it will surely distort the fact, but, more appropriately, I believe this is one of the most unusual art books that all thinkers, seekers and questioners cannot ignore. … Welcome to ‘HIDDEN MIRACLE IN A VALUELESS OBJECT’ …


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