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Snow in the Summer was first published in 1998 in Malaysia and reprinted in Australia shortly after that. The second edition of the English version has been reprinted four times in Malaysia in recent years. It has also been translated into Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, and French in their respective countries and latest into Thai which makes it the 10th language worldwide, with the total print run of more than one million copies! Snow in the Summer was compiled from letters written by Sayadaw U Jotika to mainly two of his students living outside of Burma (Bruce Mitteldorf and a Malaysian compiler) between early 80’s to the 90’s. This interesting book will share with the reader’s innermost thoughts, feelings and understanding from an ordinary Burmese monk who leads an ordinary way of life, but he is truly an extraordinary being! Walking the Dharma path requires tremendous courage, honesty and clarity to probe into our hearts and minds and remove all obstacles and barriers to our awakening. Dharma is beautiful and the beautiful has to be practiced consistently and sincerely from the depth of our hearts.


ISBN : 978-974-31-4174-4

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จำนวนหน้า : 252 หน้า

ประเภทไฟล์ : PDF

ขนาดไฟล์ : 9.86 MB

ประเทศ : TH

ภาษา : Thai


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