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He is so close to becoming an assistant colorist at his dream production house. But Talay drowns in the sea and wakes up in Tess’s body. He is a man of the same age with a pretty frivolous life. Also, he realizes he is in ‘a parallel universe.’ Who can accept that? The only thing he has to do is find a way to return home! . One day, there’s a light shining through the darkness in his heart. He meets Puwadol, a male nurse from his universe. This kind man tells him that, in order to return home, he needs to find someone. That person must come from the same universe and share the same fate. If he finds that person, there will be a sign indicating the person is his ‘portkey.’ No matter how hard he tries, no one is likely to be that person. One day, he stumbles across a primary school yearbook. Inside is a photo of Tess wrapping his arm around someone seemingly close to him… Is Pakorn Uea-angkun possibly his portkey?


ISBN : 8859305117454

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จำนวนหน้า : 324 หน้า

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ภาษา : Thai


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