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“Maybe it’s not that bad. We both get the mutual benefits anyway.” When one of them takes it lightly and the other takes it seriously to be ‘friends with benefits,’ Uea, a graphic designer who is cold-hearted, always wears a poker face, and ‘King,’ a programmer who has never wanted to be in a serious relationship with anyone, they made a deal to be ‘friends with benefits’ in secret. From ‘a friend of another friend’ who barely talks nicely to each other for years to ‘a friend of another friend’ that comes with ‘benefits’ instead. However, it seems like this kind of relationship they have in secrecy is bringing them unexpected trouble. Meanwhile they both gave their words that they won’t fall for one another, one of them has fallen hard into the pool of this forbidden sentiment nonetheless!


ISBN : 978-616-00-4700-0

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จำนวนหน้า : 694 หน้า

ประเภทไฟล์ : PDF

ขนาดไฟล์ : 33.46 MB

ประเทศ : TH

ภาษา : Thai


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