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Not having disease is a great blessing. An old saying has been said for a long time. Because if a person has an illness, it is the beginning of various losses that will follow, such as worsening health, deteriorating faster than an appropriate age. Cost of medical care You'll lose career opportunities if you don't take care of yourself early. It may develop into various serious diseases. People in this era often get sick from eating food that is not according to natural principles. Using a way of life that has changed from the past The difficulty of having a competitive job and struggling to the point of forgetting to take care of your own health. The best way is that we should take care of our health early. Don't let your health deteriorate and then try to fix it. Because it will be difficult to fix. This book is written directly from the my own experiences. Write about using a wrong way of life Eating the wrong way until suffering from various diseases Later, So I decided to study and gain knowledge by myself and from many knowledgeable teachers. Including finding information in various media and experimenting with it myself. Take care of your health until you recover from various diseases and return to good health. Therefore, I would like to write this book so that readers can have knowledge and use it. I believe that your health will definitely improve.


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