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… Merits of the Practice of Samatha - Vipassana                Now, let me repeat again that which needs to be repeated. You must continuously feel it in the heart. Don’t you become bored. It is the truest truth that Samatha-Vipassana Meditation, the topic we are discussing, is the subject we need to adopt or to practise with earnesty. It’s not for mere knowledge and memorization of the methodology. It is for you to practise. For what purpose? Yes, so that you can solve the problems that truly exist.                The first truth is that we shall suffer whenever we exercise not enough mindfulness (Sati) and wisdom (Panna) at the time a contact (Phassa) occurs. Now, those of you, who just come today, may not understand. Nevertheless, please try to remember that sufferings arise and become our constant inflicter because we are ignorant at the time we have contacts : our daily contacts through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, touch, and heart. At the time of contact, we are ignorant. It is as if we know nothing. This means we have no mindfulness, no feeling, no wisdom to understand things thoroughly. So, the heart flirts with all kinds of ideas which eventually end up in suffering. This is another topic which needs a long explanation. Actually I once gave you a talk on this. Those who have not heard should try to understand that suffering is the result of our ignorance at the point of contact with the various things in our daily life.                If you don’t want to be ignorant, you must have enough mindfulness. The response of your mindfulness must be quick enough, or, in time for a contact. Then you must acquire the insight and the knowledge along the line of Vipassana, so that you will be able to understand the nature of things. Just the right amount of knowledge. Mindfulness will transport this kind of knowledge, right at the time of contact. Whenever one has both mindfulness and the right kind of knowledge at the time of contact, the heart will not get carried away with ideas in ignorance and suffering. The two principles (Mindfulness and knowledge) will control the heart and guide it along the path of thoughts and reasonings which will lead not to suffering. Anything that needs to be corrected or resolved will, of course, rightly be done. There won’t be a misdeed. Thus good consequence is to be expected. One will not be unhappy either. This is the significance of mindfulness at the time of contact. One special merit is that we need have no sufferings. …



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