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“This easy-to-understand book will give you a remarkable insight into God’s love and plan for mankind throughout the ages, starting in Genesis and concluding in Revelation. It is a step-by-step presentation of the Gospel that is clearly explained, especially for those who have no Biblical background or concept of God. This book will help you gain the central tenets of the Christian faith and it can be used as an effective guide for discipleship. Moreover, you will be greatly blessed by reading it.” You will discover answers in the book to the following questions: - Is God the Creator of the world and the whole universe? - Why do people have to face so many problems? - How did sin enter the world? - How do we know God loves mankind and has a wonderful plan for them? - How is the nation of Israel important to all of humanity? - Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? - How can a person know for certain that Jesus is the only true living God? - How can a person be saved from the power of sin and death? - How can a person live a victorious life over the power of the devil? - How will the world end? - What will the day of God’s judgment upon the wicked be like? - Are heaven and hell real? - How can a person know for certain what will happen to them when they die? - How can a person find true peace in God and have eternal life?


ISBN : 9786165931205

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