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Magical power used to dominate the Thai way of life and play an important part in protecting Thai warriors from all sorts of weapons, especially swords and other sharp objects commonly used in warfare. In normal times, it was used to protect people from all types of danger such as fierce animals, diseases, and evil spirits as they posed a constant threat to their lives and security. People lived with nature and traveled either by foot or by the outdated mode of transportation like bull carts. Surrounded by thick forest, the travelers were prone to be ambushed either by fierce animals or bandits. Without magical power, weapons alone could not guarantee their safe journey. Even Buddhist monks who traveled on pilgrimage in the forest had to use magical power to tame wild animals and evil spirits that distracted their meditation practices. Magical power has played a vital role in human life even before the emergence of any religion on earth. Now, however, most people discard this type of knowledge and treat it as obsolete and irrelevant to the current world. However, the belief in superstition and ghosts will not vanish from Thai society any time soon. Magical power is still being used for personal protection and good fortune by Thai people in all parts of the country. This book will not only entertain you but also enrich your life.


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