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The story of the Dark Village is a story that has been told in legends for many generations. And divided into two parts, the first two episodes will tell the origin of the evil and the silver coins, the gold coins used to defeat the demons and the second episode will be the period when Malta dominated the village and the silver coins will play a role in this period because the gold coins Will not come to suppress anything if there is one coin in that area already. The first part of the legend of the Dark Village tells a story of great evil that threatened to consume the world. Centuries ago, the village was a peaceful place where the people lived in harmony with the land and with each other. But one day, a dark force descended upon the village, bringing with it chaos and destruction. This evil force was led by a powerful demon named Malakar. He and his army of demons laid waste to the village, destroying everything in their path. The people were left helpless and afraid, unsure of what to do to stop the demons. But there was hope. It was said that a powerful set of coins existed that could be used to defeat the demons once and for all. These were the gold coins, imbued with the energy of the gods themselves. They had the power to vanquish even the most powerful of demons, but they were not easy to come by. The coins were eventually located, and a group of brave warriors set out to reclaim them from the grip of the demons. It was a difficult battle, but in the end, the warriors emerged victorious, using the gold coins to vanquish the demons and restore peace to the village. In the second part of the legend, the focus shifts to the period when Malta, a powerful sorcerer and ruler, dominated the village. He was a cruel and merciless leader, ruling with an iron fist and employing dark magic to maintain his power. But the silver coins played a role in this period as well. It was believed that they had the power to counteract the dark magic wielded by Malta, and so the people of the village kept them close at hand at all times. The silver coins were a symbol of hope, a reminder that even in the face of great evil, there was always the possibility of defeating it. In the end, the people of the village rose up against Malta, using both the silver and gold coins to defeat him and restore order to the land. The coins had been a powerful force for good, and their story continued to be told in legends for generations to come.


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