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It is undeniable that India has been a leading wellspring of spirituality since ancient times, and now it is one of the economic powerhouses of the world. Knowledge of India, based on real-world personal accounts and insights can help pave the way to an understanding and perhaps ease the path to multilateral politico-economic cooperation between India and other countries of the world. My hope is that by recounting my experiences as a Thai student in India and by revealing my perception and understanding of Indian culture and tradition, I can contribute to such a mutually beneficial future.This book comes in the form of a short summary of my adventure in India from the day I first arrived until I graduated from the university there. Its content includes both informative and humourous stories that will make readers curious, perhaps even to the point of wanting to visit the country. Since the book was originally written in 2002, I have made numerous improvements to make it more relevant to the current situation of the world.


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